Charge Calculations in Pyrometallurgical Processes

The grade of the matte is defined as the copper grade of matte. A matte of 40 percent means, it has 40% copper, so matte is always given in terms of copper, because it is used to produce copper not iron. Slag in matte smelting is mixture of oxides. e.g. in smelting of copper ore concentrate the slag may contain SiO. 2. , Al. 2.

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Reverberatory furnaces are long furnaces can treat wet, dry or roasted concentrate. Most of the ... Consequently, wet-charged reverberatory furnaces have less copper in their matte product than calcine-charged furnaces, and they also have lower copper losses to slag. Gill quotes...

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copper ore and mining of copper ore. Copper and the copper alloys are some of the most versatile materials available and are used for applications in every type of industry with world consumption of exceeding 14 million tonnes per annum. Besides good conductivity the properties include strength, hardness, ductility,...

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